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Our Rooms

Our Rooms

Luxury Rooms IN Your Budget

Nothing beats the feeling of slumbering on a relaxing bed after a fun day under the sun. Add to it, a dash of sunshine, a touch of moisture brought by the strong wind, calming sound of the lapping waves, and the fresh scent of the beach, and you are in a perfect utopia of ecstasy.

The cozy rooms of Sea Queen Resort are the ultimate cocoons of luxury and comfort redefined. Each of the rooms has a ritzy balcony that offers mesmerizing views of the Arabian Sea and its adjacent beaches and the verdant Goan greenery. All the rooms are well ventilated and provide an ample amount of sunshine and fresh air. An enticing comfortable bed occupies center space with modern gadgetry like wifi, tea coffee maker, smart TV, and a minibar assembled to provide you one of the finest vacations.

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